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B 001 – Kitty Base Set


Do you lack fine things in life?
Are your victories missing that extra spark?

Look no further fellow gamers as from now on you can rub your victory in your opponent’s face. Show off your pride! Strike fear in every foe by making your troops look fabulous.


This set contains bases for miniatures:

  • 11 Kitty Bases 25 mm (Why 11??? Because we love you so much that we give you one more!)
  • 4 Kitty Bases 40 mm
  • 2 Kitty Bases 55 mm

This product is made out of 3 mm plain HDF. Bases are disassembled and unpainted. The kitty head and paw prints are engraved onto the HDF!

Dimensions: 25 mm, 40mm, 55mm

Product photos and paint job made by Maciej Kulesza –
Accessory & concept art made by Michał Warawko and Maciej Kulesza –

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Weight 0.1 kg